Celebrating Coaches Magazine is a quarterly magazine by coaches, for coaches.

And it's so much more than that.

There are many ways for our subscribers to contribute, and to participate in events.

Special issues are included in the annual subscription, and may be released at any time.

How do we define 'coaches' in our magazine? If you teach something, or help others develop in some way, we consider you a coach. We understand this is very broad, but we believe our world these days needs a very broad community of people who understand coaching principles, to support others as our society goes through challenging times.


Marilyn McLeod, Publisher of Celebrating Coaches Magazine

Note from the Publisher

Choose your options and participate in the community! From being seen to being inspired, it's all there for you and your people.

Magazine Subscriber

Congratulations! You've just found a unique resource with insights from experts who share wisdom through their coaching, speaking and writing.

Magazine Contributor

I'll admit we have a backlog of content, and I'm looking for more ways to showcase the wonderful wisdom I've received from expert contributors who would like to be seen in the magazine. All the same, you're welcome to submit your article and/or video for inclusion in an upcoming magazine issue. Please be patient with us. I'd like to find ways to showcase what you do at opportune times to support your initiatives, so let's keep the conversation going. Look for community events and other ways to stay in touch with our editorial team. Subscribe to stay in the loop.

Magazine Advertiser

A sure way to get your content in an upcoming issue is to place an order for your choice of advertisement size and placement. All ads go through an editorial process at the magazine to assure quality and adherence to our policies.

Magazine Feature Story

A special two-page article all about you appears after the cover story. Written by magazine staff following a Zoom interview (which is recorded and viewable through the magazine along with your article), the story showcases what matters to you. Unlimited copies of the tear sheet pdf are included, so you can use this as an ongoing credibility piece.

See Yourself on the Magazine Cover

Position yourself at the top by appearing on the cover of an upcoming issue. Only four per year are available, as Celebrating Coaches Magazine is published quarterly.

Includes a multi-page cover story detailing your accomplishments, and showcasing how you want your clients and prospective clients to see you and your work.

Your Very Own Magazine Special Issue

Take your tribe along with you by placing yourself on the cover, and choosing 10 (or more) of your key partners and colleagues to appear with their articles in a special issue of Celebrating Coaches Magazine. Each of your colleagues can cover their share of cost, or you can use this as a perk or a thank you gift to your valued team, or those you'd like to join your valued team.

Your Very Own Magazine

Want more than just one magazine issue about you and your work, your ideas, your team?

Ask about starting your very own magazine. Includes coaching and hand holding as you develop your vision and the practical steps to making it all happen. You choose how often you publish ... what's best for you and your subscribers?

Or Take it All the Way!

As a thought leader, expert, or leadership coach, you want to convey credibility and have great tools to help you serve your audience. As a coach myself (which is how I got started with the idea for Celebrating Coaches Magazine, I also provide training and support through coaching and masterminds to help you develop expertise with and use effectively the following tools:

  • Magazine (from 'As Seen In' to having your own magazine, magazine placement builds credibility)
  • Online Summits (share the stage with colleagues who have a similar audience, and who provide services that enhance what you do)
  • Giveaway (build your list and extend your network through participating in a giveaway with aligned colleagues)
  • Mobile Apps (meet your clients and prospects where they spend more time ... on their mobile devices)
  • Books (there are so many reasons to write and promote your book ... check out the Celebrating Authors Summit Series for a broad view of options and opportunities)
  • Courses (are your courses focused on the expertise you want to help others with, and do they prepare students to take the next step with you professionally?)
  • Masterminds (meeting regularly with peers at basically your same level, working on the same issues you're focusing on)
  • Coaching Methodology Documentation (do you have your own coaching methodology, and does it have a name?)
  • Collaborative or Affiliate Marketing (how to craft an offer and find the right promotional partners)
  • AI Strategies (artificial intelligence tools to provide exponential support)
  • Residual Income Strategies (leveraging your expertise with what you enjoy most)
  • Podcast (invite people you want to know more about as your guests)

Being the person I am, for better or worse, I've spent the past few years studying others who have been successful using these tools, and becoming familiar with them myself by using them personally. It's taken me longer to implement my plan, but I like to be thorough and efficient once I know the territory. Lucky for you, I can help you shortcut your own preparation, and become your 'guide on the side' as you chart your own journey.

Maybe you're just getting started, maybe you're already famous and as successful as you'd like to be, or maybe in between somewhere. I can help you figure out what next steps might help you get closer to what matters most to you now and in the future.

You can sign up for my year-long mastermind which takes you step by step through the whole works, or focus on the one step you're ready for now.

We can work one on one individually (that's the most expensive since it takes more of my time personally), and/or we can work through a mastermind of your peers designed to hone in on helping you make real progress from where you are right now.

Special Events

Celebrating Coaches Magazine sponsors events to bring coaches, speakers, experts, authors and thought leaders together to share their expertise and encourage each other.

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Check out offers from my own network of valued colleagues ... people I study and work with personally:

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